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Bambalamb! (Calgary)


The sound of the heartbeat: Nyabinghi drumming is the driving force behind the thirty-year percussion career of Bambalamb! AKA Ras Easterly. Inspired and taught by Nyabinghi specialist Ras Michael, Bambalamb! has performed as the band director of Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus, sharing his musical vibrations with Ike Turner, Steven Stills, Peter Appleyard, Carol Weslman, Isaac Hayes, Ice T, Dr. Zoo, and a host of others. Recently, he has performed at the Calgary Reggae Festival, and the 2008 National SLAM! & Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Bambalamb! lives as a natural healer, sharing his blessing to all those that are in need. He performs motivational workshops, drum circles, and works as a studio musician.




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