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derek beaulieu (Calgary)

derek beaulieu

derek beaulieu’s poetry and artwork have been shown and published  internationally and engaged with textual production and the way that composition informs comprehension. His first book, with wax, was published by Coach House Books in 2003, and was followed by frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho (Mercury Press, 2005) co-written with Gary Barwin. His first volume of visual poetry, fractal economies (talonbooks) was published to critical acclaim in 2006 and followed by chains (paper kite, 2008). His conceptual novels Flatland (information as material, UK, 2007) and Local Colour (natmo, Finland, 2008) document how his writing has drawn him further and further from “writing” into a documentation of reading procedurally. He lives in Calgary where he teaches high school.





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