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Orunamamu (San Francisco)


Born in Pratt City, Alabama, Orunamamu was raised on U.S. Army posts across North America. She learned storytelling from her father, Master Sergeant Smith Washington. She was a Master School Teacher for 30 years in Wisconsin, Utah and California. Upon her retirement, she began her storytelling career at the Woods Seminar in Palo Alto. From 1981 to 1988, she did her annual show “Yakkity Yak with Style” at the Edmonton Fringe. She continues her peripatetic habit, attending the National Black Storytelling Festival (Chicago) and the National Storytelling Festival (Jonesborough, Tennessee) every year. She appears regularly at the CISWF’s Calgary Poetry Slam. The Honorary Crone at the Northern Herbal Symposium of California and a story swap leader for the National Assocation for Black Storytelling, Orunamamu was the resident storyteller at Fort Calgary’s Black History exhibit in 2004. She has previously appeared at Afrikadey and can be found every summer storytelling at Olympic Plaza and in West Hillhurst.




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