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Pierrette Requier (Edmonton)

Pierrette Requier

Pierrette Requier, a long time member of the Stroll of Poets Society of Edmonton, facilitates the Wind Eye Poetry Seminars. For the last ten years, she has been involved in spoken word performances as a student and as group facilitator.  She has performed her poetry and monologues in both English and French in festivals and readings across Alberta, including Edmonton’s 2007 Word! Gala, Franconphonétique at the 2008 Calgary International Spoken Word Festival, and Edmonton’s Night of Artists as a member of Tangent Lines. She has been a participant in a French writing and performance group Les déesses de l’écriture since 2005. Her poetry has appeared on CBC’s Wild Rose Country, in Legacy Alberta’s Heritage Magazine, Other Voices Edmonton’s Journal of the Literary and Visual Arts, in Writing the Land Anthology Alberta, and a number of other anthologies and websites.




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