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Jen Kunlire

Jen Kunlire is an emerging poet on the Calgary spoken word scene. She uses her vocal ammunition to transcend all societal labels in order to uplift others to do the same! Her performances include Afrikadey Poetry Jam, The Canadian Liver Foundation and The Liverup Talent Show and various open mic venues around the city. Jen is actively involved throughout her local community and strives to make a positive impact on those around her! Jen is on the 2008 Calgary Slam team.

Street Noise
( A Kensington Story)

Sitting along the street by the old café,
Old man blues piping his cigar,
Bittersweet honey sings me to sleep.
Passer-by’s smile with shopping bags in hand,
Taking home delights,
A well-cooked steak awaits.

Cars drive to their destinations,
red lights halt their journeys.
A woman walks by in extravagance;
keys to her boyfriends Jaguar in hand.
City alarms sound madly;
An injured passenger two blocks away.

Buses packed with tired citizens,
they all want a break,
traffic jam settles;
a young girl sneezes next to a woman with AIDS.
Promises fail every time.

An elderly man is pushed from behind,
birds whisper on treetops,
soaked in droplets of rain,
the horns keep honking,
a blind man steps on a penny-
it was someone’s lucky day.

A child cries for her mother,
her mother shops,
the windy forecast predicted;
everyone wears sandals.

A homeless man asks for compassion,
onlookers whisper and stare,
My boiling cappuccino is ready;
I didn’t even realize it was there.




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