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Kirk Ramdath

Kirk Ramdath has performed for audiences in Vancouver and Halifax and many places in between. He is very active in growing the poetry community in Calgary. He was a member of the 2006 and 2007 Calgary Slam teams and has recently completed his first collection of poems, love in a handful of dust, available soon.

that beat

entheos party on sunshine coast
music playing from seed of life tent
the camps are rising
but there is no struggle
except against the desire
to be slave to the beat
involuntary impulse
the beat moves your feet
the taste is sweet
the bees might have some idea
of how sweet a feat
to be a slave to that beat
because it is that sweet, the beat
the bees, their honey cannot compete
and we all agree that honey's sweet
but it's not sweeter than the beat
the beat you want to eat
but the meal does not complete
this does not compute, please retransmit
or dancing crimes will be commit
i have no choice but to tell you
that now the beat is moving through
it's in me and it's in you
and now what are you gonna do
now the beat is moving through (x8)
you (x16)
it starts in your hand
just like a grain of sand
to put it very plain
you'll forget you even had a name
the beat (pause)
the beat (pause)
the beat (pause)
the beat's so sweet you'll move your feet
sweeter than the bees their honey
that beat




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