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Shone Abet

Shone Abet

Possessing the inevitable imagination of an only child, a fascination with popular culture, and a genuine desire to share thought-provoking experience, Shone Abet incites laughter and dialogue far beyond the boundaries of performance spaces.  Abet's work has been featured on stages from Victoria to Halifax, and her most receNt publishing credits include Mic Check: An Anthology of Spoken Word in Canada (2008).

change is

ch-ch-change is constant
bend flex break mend
change is the only constant I know
latchkey by five
I move to stay alive
rearrange furniture
because it makes me feel comfortable
change my hair so that living is potable
channel chase because if I stop
the show might taste the same
as what I had for breakfast
and now you want me to stand still
let a little moss grow
sew buttons on old jeans
because they’re comfortable
and notably so
I tell you this scares me
this scares me
this scares me
so I must
let dust gather some
and learn it’s okay to be the one
left standing in it




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