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The 1st Annual
Poetry Postcard Project!

Maybe we do remember our lives by the summers we’ve had.  So, to mark summer and travel and journeys and holidays, we’ve created the Poetry Postcard Project.

We have invited eight local poets to share their work on a series of 9 X 4 postcards.

The very diverse and dynamic voices of Shone Abet, Moe Clark, Graeme Clarke, Jen Kunlire, Sarah Murphy, Kirk Ramdath, Caroline Szpak, and Sheri-D Wilson will be available as beautiful limited edition postcards for purchase at upcoming SLAM and Spoken Word events.

Postcards poems will be available in packages of eight for $10.00 a bundle. Each package will contain one specially selected poem from each poet included in this project.

Get your Poetry Postcard Packette to show your support for Calgary’s thriving Spoken Word community, and spread the poetic word far and wide across the international divide. 



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