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The Word Travels program, established in March 2005, brings Spoken Word and the excitement of the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival to Calgary high schools. This poets-in-schools program presents an innovative approach to literacy, taking advantage of the accessibility and vivacity of Spoken Word to speak to students in their own language, while giving them the voice to speak in their own. Word Travels seeks to introduce them to the rhythms of literature and show them that poetry is alive and vibrant in Calgary!

Throughout the year, Spoken Word poets are available to visit high schools for readings and Q&A sessions. This year, we are proud to present Regie Cabico, Jen Kunlire, Robert Priest, and Sheri-D Wilson – any of these amazing artists would be happy to visit your school.

In previous years, we were proud to present poets Wakefield Brewster, Nancy Jo Cullen, Melanie Haywood, Gregory Scofield, Bob Stallworthy and Sheri-D Wilson for year-round for school visits. We also had the pleasure of sending poets into bilingual schools. Les Mots en Fête offered students the chance to meet local writers working in French. In partnership with RAFA (Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta), we were delighted to offer Tchitala Kamba, Nadine Mackenzie, Denise Ouellette, Suzanne Ouriou, and Gisèle Villeneuve for readings and presentations in French.

In February 2009, Calgary poets Jen Kunlire and Sheri-D Wilson directed a workshop at the pre Global Youth Summit (for the Canadian Red Cross).  On April 3rd 2009, watch for Washington DC’s Regie Cabico teaching at the Global Youth Summit in Calgary.

The 6th annual Calgary International Spoken Word Festival takes place in April 2009 (National Poetry Month), bringing dozens of thrilling, internationally-acclaimed poets from across the globe, some of which are available for school visits!

Word Travels is meant to complement schools’ existing curricula, so our staff is happy to communicate with teachers and administration to make sure students get the most out of every poet’s visit.

If you would like to involve your school in the Word Travels program, please contact Sheri-D Wilson at sheridwilson@shaw.ca or at (c) 403.686.4292

We look forward to working with you!


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